Renzo Scarpelli was born in Firenzuola (FI) in 1947. He started working with stones in one of the most ancient Florentine workshops (bottega or laboratorio) when he was only 13 years old.
At that age and in those days, young boys had to show that they really wanted to work and learn a trade, rather than simply have creative talents.

After many years of apprenticeship and art studies, he managed to open his own studio in Florence in the 1970’s and was thus able to design his first creations in “Florentine mosaic work” (mosaico fiorentino or commesso fiorentino), now among the most famous in the world.

His technical experience, craftsmanship and sensitivity and, above all, his love of art has made him a complete artist. Renzo strongly believes in young people because he is convinced that they are the future of this centuries-old art, which now remains in the hands of only a few Florentine mosaic artists (mosaicista).
He has therefore always been deeply committed to using his talents as a teacher and thus pass down the art of Florentine mosaic work (mosaico fiorentino or commesso fiorentino) to his students.
His son Leonardo was instead fascinated by the laboratory (bottega) from early childhood, showing a ready willingness to learn and great skill with his hands. After completing his studies in mosaics and pictorial decoration, he decided to join his father and the passion of a child became the job of his life.
For over 10 years now, Leonardo has been signing works of his own creation and is considered one of the finest artists of the new generation. His “painting in stones” (pittura di pietra) is an extraordinary blend of arts and crafts, tradition and innovation.

Renzo and Leonardo work together in the laboratory (laboratorio) and create artistic masterpieces of a very high quality indeed. Gabriella has followed her husband Renzo throughout his professional career and built up a business of her own in the design and repair of pendants, earrings and necklaces in stones (pietre dure).

Catia, Renzo’s eldest daughter, after years of experience in other fields, has decided to follow the family tradition and is today responsible for running the business side of the company
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