(pietre dure)

Today as in the past, the stones are collected all over the Italian territory. The mosaic artist (mosaicista) needs an enormous amount of material to be able to choose from the huge array of hues and veining that emerges during the cutting of the stone in its raw state.

Many of the stones (pietre dure) in use can be found in hills around Florence, among them “Paesina” stone and the “Gabbro” or granite from Impruneta or “Lilla” (quartzite) and “Alberese” (limestone) from
the Chianti, together with others from the river valleys near the Arno, including the grey “Colombino” stone and the “Green stone of the Arno”.
These typical hues from the Tuscan territory are then combined with brighter coloured stones like Lapis lazuli, Malachite and Turquoises that are imported from abroad and help to create the pictorial scenes and decorations enriching museums and private homes, once more testifying to the brilliance and technique of the Florentine craftsmen.

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