The Laboratory
(la bottega)

The Scarpelli Bottega d’Arte is open to all visitors wanting look around the workbenches, where the mosaic artists (mosaicisti) patiently work at creating the stone shapes, and thus discover all the secrets of this ancient art.

Renzo – Master (Maestro) craftsman Renzo Scarpelli’s creations can be admired all over the world because, for over 40 years, hundreds of artefacts of extraordinary artistic value have borne his signature.

Leonardo – A master (Maestro) of art and Renzo’s son, his great expressive power contributes towards maintaining the high quality of this ancient technique that unites tradition and innovation.
Stefano and Pierpaolo, who boast many years of experience and a good grounding in painting, cooperate and support the laboratory production according to instructions from master mosaic artists Renzo and Leonardo.

The laboratory’s skill in creating unique masterpieces means that it is also possible to order special works based on customised designs.

It can also restore antique mosaics as well as repair stone ornaments and necklaces.

All the pieces are carried out in the laboratory in Via Ricasoli 59/r.

P.IVA: 05177330486
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